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We love cars. Since 2010 we have been using our vehicles for background and hero roles in both film and television programming. Some of the works our vehicles are featured in include: Men In Black 3, Blood Ties, Carrie Diaries, Blue Bloods, Elementary, Inside Llewyn Davis, Orange is the New Black, Master of Sex, and The Winter’s Tale. Our vehicles are treated as “trophies” due to our personal experience in the trophy business. We strive for perfection and our vehicles reflect our personalities. We’ve started out as a family business, but since have expanded to provide a more diverse choice of quality vehicles for your film or program. If you have any interest in our vehicles, please feel free to contact.

Naturally, we provide our vehicles for use in both film and television, but we have also done photo shoots and even music videos. Our ’67 Blue Chevelle was used in the Justin Timberlake’s Music Video “Take Back The Night”. We rent our vehicles, but we are also capable of providing precision SAG union drivers. We are willing to provide our cars no matter what type of weather is forecast; snow,  rain, we’ll still show up. We deliver our vehicles to your set.

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