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We rent our Cars for your Photo Shoots to accommodate most Budgets. Whether it’s a shoot for a major Magazine, Weddings or Engagements, we do it all.

We rent our Cars for Student, Short or Feature Films with Prices delivered right to your set. We can supply on set experienced drivers to help create the atmosphere you need. We have cars from 1918 to present day.

We have supplied over 20 cars a day to Featured Films in the past, while our specialty is the Sixties and 70’s!

Our inventory includes cars and trucks from the early 1900’s to Present Day!

We LOVE doing Music Videos in the Big Apple (NYC), NJ and Philadelphia!

Door to Door Delivery of our Cars for all your needs.

We also have a Batmobile that can be rented for Parties, Grand Opening or any Event you like!

We Have ATV’s, Wave Runners, and Snowmobiles for Commercials or Films


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